Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Knowle West launches Public Art Strategy

On 17th May 2011 Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol, UK (one of the Arts Council's new National Portfolio Organisations) hosted the launch of The Manual: A Public Art Strategy for Knowle West. 

To download a copy of the strategy, visit:

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Web project by Simon Faithfull

Simon Faithfull's web-based artwork, Limbo http://limbo.simonfaithfull.org/ shares live drawings by the artist. Over the last 10 years, Simon Faithfull (b.1966) has consistently made drawings on an electronic device (an etch-a-sketch I think) that record his presence in a particular place, at a particular moment, somewhere on the surface of the planet. To date, over 500 observational sketches record what he saw in each of these places. These details of everyday life have slowly built up to record his wanderings from Whitechapel High Street to Antarctica and back.

Limbo makes this entire back-catalogue of drawings available, and presents new sketches live to the user, the moment that they are made. This digital, instantaneous platform mirrors the process by which Faithfull makes the drawings. The work also creates a personal atlas of the world, mapping time and space, as experienced by one individual, on an ongoing basis.

The works are both curiously old fashioned and up-to-date at the same time. 

Daniel Buren artwork to be installed at Tottenham Court Road Tube Station

As part of the £1 billion expansion of Tottenham Court Road tube station in London, Transport for London have commissioned French artist Daniel Buren (b.1938) to create a new permanent installation, expected to be in place by 2016. 

The artwork consists of a colourful series of diamond and circle shapes that will cover the internal glass walls of the station. The work will become a major feature of the station's new entrance hall, which accommodates some 200,000 commuters and tourists a day. Transparent versions of the work will serve to section off the ticket areas. Buren is also designing a sculpture of the shapes for the station's ticket hall, which will be displayed behind glass.

London has become well known for its Art on the Underground programme, which has included previous commissions by Bill Fontana, Liam Gillick, Eva Rothschild, Jeremy Deller, Richard Woods, Mark Wallinger, David Batchelor and Barbara Kruger to name but a few. 

To read the Art Newspaper article about the Buren project, including quotes from Buren, visit: