Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Damien Hirst's pregnant woman sculpture will tower over Ilfracombe

How the statue might look in Ilfracombe

Ilfracombe Town Council has voted a resounding yes to the offer of a sculpture by Damien Hirst on a 20-year loan to the town. The bronze artwork shows a naked pregnant woman holding a sword and will be sited in the harbour. At 66-feet high (20 metres) it will be marginally taller than the Angel of the North (doesn't everything have to be these days?) and has, perhaps inevitably, been nicknamed 'the Belly of the South'.

The work has been hailed as a tourism opportunity for the town. John Brown, chairman of the Ilfracombe Tourism and District Association said, 'This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that can only increase visitor numbers. Tourism is the lifeblood of this town and must be supported in any way it can be.'  

The planning application states that the sculpture will be placed on a bronze plinth of legal books and is envisioned as "a monumental modern allegory of Truth and Justice".

North Devon District Council now need to approve the plans.

Damien Hirst already owns a restaurant in Ilfracombe, 11 The Quay, has a home near Combe Martin, and has previously submitted a planning application for a development of ecohomes in the area, although it is claimed the artwork and the development are not linked. (See: )

You can watch a video about the proposed artwork here:

You can read the heritage statement here:

Read the Telegraph article here:

The local paper have drummed up a bit of criticism too:

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

OSA transform Piccadilly Basin into water park

Artists and architects OSA have recently helped to transform an area of Manchester during the Olympic Games through the project Atelier [zero].

Atelier [zero] took the form of a design competition that brought together architecture students from Manchester School of Architecture and Ecole Speciale d'Architecture to design and realise the project, which aims to 'inspire play'.

According to the press release:
'The project acts as a platform for social exchange....Opportunities to take part in Atelier[zero] include rowing sessions on the basin, basketball, new sporting activities and a chance to occupy/take ownership of Olympic village accommodation.'

I'm not sure where the swan pedalo features in the Olympics but hey, it looks like fun. Possibly even more fun than actual sport.

The project launched on 23rd June and will remain in place until September 2nd 2012. Activities are for all ages and all events are free of charge.

You can watch a promo video here: and there are some nice time lapse vids too:

Find out more on the website: