Monday, 22 November 2010

Fleet: Art in the Haven Ports, Essex and Suffolk coast

I'm not sure whether any of these artworks are still on display (bit slow on the uptake, me, this started in Autumn 09) But Tod Hanson, who was commissioned in Lancaster at the Storey, has created a beautiful work as part of the programme, which you can view here: (Can't download the photo I'm afraid)
The project website is here: although it's a bit gappy.

The project, developed and presented by Commissions East, aimed to 'bring the contemporary visual arts to a number of historic and endangered sites in the East of England.' The sites are influenced by their location on Suffolk and Essex coastline: internationally renowned for its natural beauty and wildlife habitats.

Fleet is the UK part of an international arts programme called Face2Face – and the programme apparently included residencies from French as well as UK artists. There were commissions, residencies and events, plus film screenings and other works brought to the UK by the partners from the Nord Pas de Calais region.

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