Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Upper River Cam Biodiversity Project Artist Commission

Deadline: 23 August 2011

Cambridge City Council wishes to include an artist commission as part of a wider project entitled the Upper River Cam Biodiversity Project. The Upper River Cam Biodiversity project encompasses a complex of five natural green spaces on the banks of the river Cam, adjacent to the heart of the historic centre of the city. The proposed works as part of this project include habitat enhancements and improvements to access, wayfinding, legibility and interpretation.

One of the issues within these interconnected green spaces, which form the Upper River Cam Biodiversity Project is poor legibility, in terms of understanding, which space one may be entering and what is special about that space. This commission aims to explore and address this issue, by adding the value of an artist to provide creative interpretation to the project and celebrate the contexts of the spaces. The Council have identified a range of objectives the project could address: Help people to understand the value of the spaces and inspire them to engage with the natural environment; Improve the understanding of the relationships of the spaces with each other; Promote awareness of the diverse range of biodiversity within the spaces; Promote awareness of the history of each space and celebrate what is special about those spaces. It is envisaged that the artist will explore developing artwork proposals, to be located at the periphery of the spaces (which includes entrances), on key routes and at points of interest.
All elements of the artwork must be completed and installed on site by November 2012. The specific budget set aside for the artwork/s is £27,500. 
Further Information

To receive a full copy of the brief, email: Carly.Hayward[at]cambridge.gov.uk

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