Friday, 18 May 2012

Color Jam comes to Chicago

Concept design for Color Jam

American artist Jessica Stockholder (b.1959) has been commissioned to produce Color Jam, a site specific installation which will open on State Street, Chicago in June. Installation is due to start on 28 May.

According to the artist, the idea is to create “an experience that elicits joy and encourages the recognition that things might be otherwise.” As people approach the prominently-located corner, flashes of colour will appear transforming the area from black and white to technicolour, with abstract shapes reaching the clouds on a skyscraper or stripes underfoot on the pavement. Intensifying upon reaching the intersection hosting the project, the four buildings will be jammed with a “volume of color,” as geometric shapes spill down facades onto the pavement, consuming the traffic lanes and pavement.

Flooded Chambers Maid by Jessica Stockholder, Madison Square Park, 2009

Although an experienced artist who has been working for more than 25 years, Jessica is a relative newcomer to public art. However, she previously created Flooded Chambers Maid, a temporary commission for Madison Square Park in 2009 (pictured above) using industrial materials and brightly coloured ready-made objects. To read more about, and view more images of the project, visit:

Stockholder's site specific installations cross the traditional boundaries of painting and sculpture, and her work can be found in collections including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the Whitney Museum of American Art. 

To read the full source article on visit:

Mutual Art also features an interesting article about public art on show around the world this summer: 

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