Friday, 1 June 2012

Creative Review publishes Scott King balloon proposal article

Long Live Death by Scott King

Creative Review have published an interesting article about artist and former graphic designer Scott King who has a rather critical view of public art and whose own satirical work often comments on it.

According to King, the balloon proposal runs as follows:
"I imagine myself to be a government employed 'think-tank' that has come up with the idea of floating gigantic party balloons (low level) over Britain's ten poorest towns and cities in order to lift flagging spirits and encourage re-generation," 

Scott's work Long Live Death proposes that the Angel of the North be relocated to Trafalgar Square (because it's wasted in the north) and he once collected a thousand votes for a 300ft gold-plated statue of Lee Brilleaux (the frontman of Dr Feelgood) on Southend seafront - see: 

Worth a read. A shame most of the people who added comments at the end didn't seem to realise the balloons proposal was satirical, but never mind eh. 

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