Friday, 6 May 2011

Andy Warhol statue unveiled in NY

(photo: James Ewing)

Phew, that's better. Couldn't leave that horrific Michael Jackson sculpture on this page for any longer.

'The Andy Monument' by American artist Rob Pruitt was commissioned by the Public Art Fund and will be on display until 2 October 2011. It is located at the northwest corner of Union Square outside 860 Broadway, where the Factory was between 1974 and 1984. One block away is 33 Union Square West, the Factory’s location from 1968 until ‘74 (and where Valerie Solanas shot Warhol in ‘68), and a short hop around the corner is 213 Park Avenue South, today an innocuous cafĂ©, but once known as Factory hangout and punk birthplace Max’s Kansas City.

You can read a full article about it on the Frieze website at:

or on the Public Art Fund's website at: 

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