Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Jem Finer project launches Stour Valley Arts' new gallery space

'Still' by Jem Finer. Photo © Jem Finer

Stour Valley Arts in Kent have commissioned 'Still', a new artwork by Jem Finer to celebrate the opening of their new gallery in Ashford town centre. The artwork will be launched at the gallery on 11th June and will remain on display until 26 July 2011.

Jem Finer is renowned for his spectacular Artangel commission 'Longplayer' a one thousand year long musical composition and his triple award winning 'Score for a Hole in the Ground' at Stour Valley Arts, a work that relied exclusively on gravity and weather to create an endless score. Jem was also one of the founding members of The Pogues.

Following the success of 'Score for a Hole in the Ground', SVA is proud to present this new work resulting from Finer's further exploration of King's Wood. Taking advantage of the remote forest setting, Finer hid a solar-powered camera within a tree for a full year - a passive observer, recording all that passed before its lens. Finer then designed computer software to continually re-order the 18,000 captured photographs. This generative sequencing system means that the flow of time is continuously being stretched and compressed, ebbing and flowing. Between dawn and dusk the viewer is as likely to witness the passing of a single day as the turning of a full year's seasons.

In 'Still', Jem Finer has created a new form lying somewhere between photography and film - a still image in a state of constant flux. We see the same view through the seasons, through rain, shine, day and night. What seems static is actually an endless series of transitions both subtle and dramatic. No two viewings of the work are ever the same, as the film is continually finding new and different paths through the days, weeks and months.

'Still' reveals Finer's interest in designing intricate programs and complex structures that enable an interface with the macro, the cosmological and the infinite.

About Stour Valley Arts
Stour Valley Arts in Kent is recognised as one of the leading commissioning agencies for site specific contemporary art in the UK. It was established in 1994 and quickly gained an international reputation for showing exciting new contemporary art works within a forest setting.

The organisation is situated in the King's Wood, a 1500-acre forest and designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, in Challock, Kent. The ancient woodland, was historically a royal hunting forest, and although a large herd of fallow deer still inhabit the place, it is now better known for housing important art works that are visited by thousands of people every year.

Gallery Expansion
The success of the organisation means it is now able to expand and to have a visible presence outside of the forest. The new gallery space will act as a fulcrum or focal point for the organisation playing a central role in highlighting the work of SVA at King's Wood. As well as a being a nerve centre and communication hub for the organisation, the new gallery space in Ashford underscores and cements the relationship it already has with the town. The gallery will provide a gateway to the organisation's natural home, King's Wood.

Stour Valley Arts Gallery is located 5 minutes from Ashford International Station with High Speed connection from London St. Pancras and connections from Charing Cross, Victoria, Brighton and Margate.

A fleet of high speed trains means that Ashford is just 37 minutes from St Pancras International, parts of East Kent are now effectively closer to the West End than some areas of outer London.

Contact Details
Stour Valley Arts Gallery, Elwick Road, Ashford, Kent TN23 1NR. Gallery opening hours, Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
Launch Event Saturday 11 June 2011, 11am-2pm

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