Friday, 13 January 2012

Neville Gabie Orchard project in Nottingham for Sneinton Market

Neville Gabie's Orchard project for Sneinton Market Square, which has recently been redeveloped by Patel Taylor Architects, has been commissioned by Nottingham City Council.  

The project has included the planting of a series of apple trees in the square, intended for communal use. The artist will also donate apple trees of 100 different varieties to local residents, schools and community organisations in the Sneinton and St Anns areas of Nottingham, to create a diverse urban orchard spanning the east side of the city. The project is an expression of the City Council's commitment to the production of urban food and community engagement, and the artist has worked closely with the market traders' association.

The new market square design by Patel Taylor

Orchard has been managed by the Contemporary Art Society with local curator Jennie Syson.
The project is both an art project and a programme of events, which included an exhibition, a symposium and a feast alongside night time projections in December 2011. Apple Day was also celebrated back in October.

To find out more about the project, visit the project website at 

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