Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tonkin Liu unveil second artwork in Burnley

Architects Tonkin Liu have completed Rainbowgate, their second artwork for Burnley after the Singing Ringing Tree. Located near the entrance to the shared Burnley College and University of Central Lancashire campus, the artwork acts as a shelter from the rain, creating a meeting place and resting point. The artwork is part of a redesign of the public realm in this crucial area which acts as an entry point to the town from the motorway, and will also form part of the new 'knowledge quarter'. The public realm work is intended to be a catalyst for attracting businesses, interest and pride in the area.

The local paper website article has a comment after it that the artwork 'looks like a lemon squeezer' - I usually like the nicknames that artworks get locally as it starts to feel as if they are owned....a perforated footbridge where I live in Bristol near Temple Meads station gets called 'the cheese grater'. 

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