Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bus Tops project launches in London

One of Mark Titchner's Bus_Tops artworks

Bus-Tops is a collaborative public art installation across 20 London boroughs. The project consists of 30 red and black LED screens dotted around London, on the roofs of bus shelters. Anyone in the world can create artwork for them, creating a new exhibition space for the public. The project began with 9 commissions from professional artists, with the public now able to create their own artwork and submit it to the curators. The displays are controlled via the internet, with the curators changing the images at different times of day and on different routes.

Mark Titchner, the Turner Prize nominee, was one of the first to display his work in a series of motivational challenges and inspirational commands. Some of them read, "If you don't like your life, you can change it" and "Act or be Acted Upon". His contribution comes from a self improvement programme with 31 slogans that change every day. His idea is for commuters to have a quick message they can take with them on their journeys.

The project is led by Art Public and funded by Arts Council England with support from TfL (Transport for London). TfL received a complaint about Mark Titchner's "Act or be Acted Upon" slogan from someone who considered it to be alarmist.

To read source article, visit: http://news.carrentals.co.uk/bus-shelters-get-olympic-inspired-art-34253287.html

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