Friday, 16 March 2012

Tony Cragg sculptures on loan at Exhibition Road

It might not be mentioned on the Exhibition Road website yet, but it's been in the latest issue of Vogue so thankfully I'm in the know.

The Cass Sculpture Foundation will be loaning a series of Tony Cragg (b.1949) sculptures for display on the new shared-space Exhibition Road (designed by Dixon Jones) in South Kensington during the London 2012 Festival. So unfortunately Guardian architecture critic Rowan Moore will be disappointed that Exhibition Road will, after all, be cluttered by public art.

Moore commented in his article dated 29 January,
'A particular joy is that there is no pointless public art; it was rightly decided that, with sculptures both outside and inside the museums, there was already enough art to go round.' Sorry, Rowan, WRONG. At least they're not permanent though, eh?


The artworks will be on show between September and November. Smaller-scale indoor works by Tony Cragg will be on display to the public at the V&A, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and Imperial College London alongside Exhibition Road. This will be the first London show of Tony Cragg’s outdoor sculpture.
Unsurprisingly, the display coincides with a Tony Cragg exhibition at the Cass Sculpture Foundation's parkland in Goodwood, Sussex between 21 June and 4 November. Guess they are hoping to ship a few more people out to Sussex this way.

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